Bellagio - The Ultimate Orgasm

Bellagio is not something that's being imposed on anyone. No more than a plague is imposed on anyone, for the plague virus is part of a system of natural and human-made products like ships and squalor, rats and fleas. Bellagio is where we are: nothing else is possible.

Bellagio is the intersection of barbarism (including greed) and technology (including language). This isn't the end of history, it's the beginning of the new Dark Ages one thousand years later. One thousand years from now it will all seem barbaric and wasteful. One thousand years from now, when we have become the vast and beautiful and horrifying neural network we really always were, but didn't realize it. When the global acid trip comes.

Still, places like Las Vegas and Disneyland are fun. What the fuck! Have some fun. No more pretending there is anything better. Better? Who gives a shit, as long as I get noticed for perpetuating a few half-baked, lousy pranks, as long as my thought-genes will contribute to the glories of the coming millennium after I'm dead around 2040.

Perhaps by then they can Frankenstein me androgynously and I can live forever plugged into an orgasmatron in a suite of some celestial casino in Las Vegas with a view of a magnificent lake filled with thousands of fountains and lined with fragrant gardens and the red tile roofs of Tuscan villas, pumped full of drugs and coming on demand: Bar, bar, bar all the time.

Bellagio is taking us all to the ultimate orgasm and one day we'll all come together and it will either end in the big crunch or the density of desire will be too great to hold together the bodily mass and it'll expand forever, or even go supernova.

Fuck defeating capitalism. Let's welcome it, push it to its limit. No more inoculations, irony or subversion. Just dress stylishly, be cool, stay at Bellagio, learn from Las Vegas and pretend to be a revolutionary.


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