A transatlantic performance by Andy Cox
City of London, July 2002
New York City, August 2002

Watch a 5 minute video of the performance (RealVideo, 6.5mB)
(requires RealPlayer, get it here free)


Photographs of the performance at the Bank of England and the London Stock Exchange. Click on photograph to enlarge.

bank of england stock exchange stock exchange
stock exchange stock exchange stock exchange

Capitalism is proving incapable of providing a stable, peaceful world where everyone has an equal say and equal shares. Rampant capitalism is destroying the environment and creating an ever growing gap between rich and poor. I am searching for a position where I can use and develop my media manipulation, project management, and engineering skills in the creative defeat of capitalism.

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Email: andycox@twcdc.com

Andy Cox is founder of Together We Can Defeat Capitalism (www.TWCDC.com)